About Me

Celebrity look-alike: Annika Sorenstam

Zodialogical Sign: Cancer

Breakfast Drink: Tea

Third-generation Colorado native.

Married to an Irishman who owns pubs in around town.

Yogi, Cyclist, Hiker, Snowshoer…. all the Colorado blah blah blah.

Professional good stuff: Articulate, competent, bold, dynamic problem solver, and proactive.

About My Process

When working my purpose is to take a three-dimensional world and interpret it into a two-dimensional page so it makes sense and tells a story.  When beginning a new project I really like to scout a job when possible and of course, there is no charge for that.  

A typical shoot day is: 9 am start with my assistant and I, and our photography and lighting equipment. While my assistant sets up gear I like to walk the project and make the shot list. I shoot to my computer so I can really work the details of an image on a larger screen.   I do typically follow the light around the house depending on circumstances. I really try and focus on the storytelling aspect of a house and only shoot the best images.  I'm not someone who documents the whole house like a real estate photographer. 

A good majority of my clients are interior designers and because of that, there's a stylist who comes to the shoots.  She/He is someone who brings extra books, flowers, throw blankets, pillows, art that might be missing and all the gorgeous bits and pieces of really great images.  This isn't always someone that has been hired from the outside (you can do that too I have recommendations) but it can be someone from the office who has a knack for accessories and styling.

After the shoot you can expect a 2-3 week turn around for images.  Click on my contact page and drop me a line to start collaborating!